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Welcome to the Barber Library Wiki!

This Wiki serves as the home to Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Barber Library's 2015-2018 Information Literacy (IL) Plan.


This IL Plan was discontinued in AY2018-19 as the Barber Library revised it's strategic plan so that the instructional plan continued to be aligned with the library's overall planning documents. For more information about the Barber Library's instructional activities following AY2017-18, please visit: https://www.cocc.edu/departments/library/about/mission.aspx 


Wiki Navigation

In the SideBar on the right of the screen are essential links to important parts of the plan, including the Plan Learning Stages, Objectives, and Calendar of Assessments. 


To view all of the pages available on this Wiki, you can navigate using the Navigator, also on the right of the screen. Within the Navigator this plan is broken into four categories, each with various pages relevant to that section:


Plan Documents

  1. Home
  2. IL Plan Introduction


Barber Library & Learning Commons Mission and Vision

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Vision Statement
  3. Values
  4. Strategic Themes


Information Literacy

  1. IL Plan Learning Stages
  2. Foundational Goals and Objectives
  3. Intermediate Goals and Objectives
  4. Advanced Goals and Objectives
  5. IL Program Support and Sustainability
  6. Calendar
  7. IL Plan Implementation Challenges
  8. 2015-16 Archive
  9. 2016-17 Archive 



  1. Academic Year 2015-16 Annual Assessments
  2. Academic Year 2016-17 Annual Assessments
  3. Academic Year 2017-18 Annual Assessments 
  4. Reference Desk Survey
  5. Faculty IL Survey 
  6. LIB 118 Usage



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